Sensitive Skin Issues Solved !!!

Sensitive skin
January 26, 2020
If you have sensitive skin, which due to sun and pollution, most of us have these days, then here are simple tips to manage it. Even if I apply ice, my skin gets inflamed and reddish bump appears.  With pollution and heavy creams it is even more irritated. Do you relate to any of these concerns, then continue reading how I made my skin barrier stronger now and how I identified and replaced the products that no longer suited my face or caused irritation.
Problems with sensitive skin
1. Break-outs
2. Rashes
3. Sun-damage
4. Rough patches
5. Uneven skin tone
Solutions for sensitive skin problems
1. Break-outs: Check the ph of your face wash and ph of your tap water and adjust these within normal skin ph range 5.2-5.5 so as to keep your skin barrier naturally strong.
2. Rashes: Rashes are some kind of inflammation that is caused due to harshly rubbing your face, using soap on face or it may be due to certain ingredients in your face wash, face cream, sunscreen etc that doesn’t suit you.
3. Sun damage: People with sensitive skin suffer sun damage faster. So cover your face, wear sunscreen 10 min before sun exposure if you have titanium dioxide in your sun cream even better because it fights photon physically that means it reflects it back.
4. Rough patches: Under nourished skin feels this rough patches and dryness as condition. Moisturize your skin using gel because heavy creams can block your pores and indulge in day and night routine for miniaturization.
5. Uneven skin tone: The skin suffers trauma due to pimples, scratches, insect bites, leftover makeup clogging the pores, big-size face scrub particles and several other things pulling and tugging included. To normalize skin tone, massage it while doing face wash and moisturizer with light hand movements in upwards and outwards circles. Natural blood-flow will heal the trauma and restore the skin balance.


Have a healthy skin !!! Ask us if you have any questions.
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