Cost Per Wear (CPW)

cost per wear
March 19, 2019
The  Cost Per Wear (CPW) is Number of times you wear a particular clothing item.
Its one of the most talked about Fashion terms today. Because Fast Fashion is posing immense pressure on environment. Fashion industry is third Largest polluting industry.
Hence we, definitely, need to learn how to increase Shelf-life and Wearable-life of our garments.
Cost Per Wear (CPW) in currency = Actual Cost of the Garment/No. of times the Garment has been worn


Designer Lehenga = Cost INR 50,000/-

Worn in Wedding = The garment has been worn just once

CPW = INR 50k/-

Worn in Friend’s wedding and Relatives wedding = Total 3 times the Garment is worn

CPW = INR50000/3= INR 16.6k/-

We need to reduce Cost Per Wear (CPW) price of the clothes we own. This in turn reduce carbon footprint on environment. Actually by wearing your own dresses over and over again in a mix & match way and also sharing it with friends for them to wear it, you are hugely contributing to the environment in a good way.
Future of fashion is in the hands of consumers who start to buy sustainable fashion brands from today
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