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Feet Care
May 31, 2019

This is one of the cult favorite to write. I compare our feet to our face. We should take care of them like we take care of our face.

We walk on our dear feet everyday so they are more stressed than any thing else. When you retire at night, the feet needs equal attention as our face.
My everynight 3-step routine that helped me avoid pedicure in years:
Step 1: Rinse the feet with water to take off the dirt, apply a pea size amount of shower-gel all over the feet and lather. Then scrub the heels gently with pumice stone to take off the dead cells.
Step 2: Alternatively you can also place them in lukewarm salt water with few drops of coconut  oil or any essential oil with few drops of shampoo or shower gel. Soak for 5-7 minutes then scrub with pumice stone. This will take away dirt, dead cells and soften the feet. Pat them dry.
Step 3: Put a moisturiser on the foot or some oil like coconut oil, argan oil and give your feet a nice massage with firm pressure. This must be done before sleep everyday. Also helps you get a good sleep.


I really wish to create some heel masks for chapped heels because I don’t like the sight of them or the feel of them on me.


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