Moon Water

What is Moon Water Moon Water is charged by full moon or supermoon where energy structure of water is changed by moon rays. How to Prepare:     1. Keep tap water or RO filtered water in clear glass bottle….
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8 Ways to Help you Sleep Better

There is much you can do to improve your sleep time and sleep quality. Below we are listing 8 ways to help you sleep better:   Silk pillow case: Silk pillows are not only good for coarse unruly hair. It…
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Cost Per Wear (CPW)

The  Cost Per Wear (CPW) is Number of times you wear a particular clothing item. Its one of the most talked about Fashion terms today. Because Fast Fashion is posing immense pressure on environment. Fashion industry is third Largest polluting…
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Slow Fashion is Future

Slow Fashion is Future for new age consumers.   Garment & Textile industry is the Second biggest consumer of water. Due to which fashion industry generates around 20% of world’s waste water.   Fast fashion and synthetic fabrics are Responsible…
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