Miracle Skincare in your Kitchen

Miracle skincare in kitchen
April 5, 2019
Miracle Skincare in your Kitchen. I always prefer natural ingredients for my skin and if Recommending to Someone.
According to a huffpost, Applying chemicals on your skin is as risky as allowing them to seep into your blood. It can cause skin cancer or even blood cancer.
  • Turmeric: To brighten up your complexion and lighten the color of your skin, use turmeric in your face masks or body scrubs. try our must-have body scrub recipe.
  • Gram-flour:For cleansing the skin and making it look balanced and even-toned. For Normal to dry skin, You can mix it with curd or milk and for oily skin mix it with tomato or cucumber juice. Choose what consistency or texture you prefer because the paste you make should be sitting on your face for atleast 15-20 minutes to see results.
  • Milk: For taking the dirt off and adding hydration to your skin, milk is the best. It is very soothing and calmer alternative to harsher face washes. Works best for Normal to Dry skin. Although if you have oily skin, pimples or hormonal changes, its best to be avoided.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: To minimize the appearance of pores and to tone the skin. Make a spray toner by mixing water and ACV in 7:1 ratio. After face wash, just a few spray of this mixture and wipe with cotton pad for double cleansing.
  • Potato: For little facial kind of look at home try potato juice or grated potato all over your face. Keep the face covered with this for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water.

  • Cinnamon: Just a pinch is more than enough. For fresh blood supply to the cells, it renews the skin cells.
CAUTION!!! Too much CINNAMON will cause burns and make your skin really red.
TIP: Whenever I use cinnamon in my face mask, Since it causes burning sensation, I only add a pinch also I add cooling stuff like grated potatoes and curd in to the mixture. And I call it VAMPIRE facial famous amongst the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Nina Dobrev and Barbara Sturm etc. 


Glow after this masks stays the same for couple of weeks and you can’t compare the silky feel it gives to skin, the tightness, the shrunk pores. All in one.


  • Licorice: For brighter skin, add this to your face packs. You can also mix it with milk and honey and apply all over your face for 15 minutes before rinsing off. In Hindi, its called Mulethi, also used for throat irritation at times.
  • Lemon: Pat fresh lemon juice of damp face and enjoy brighter skin in 5 minutes. Your much needed dose of topical vitamin C, here it is.
  • Tomato: Send those zits away with Tomato seeds and gel around them. It actually helps to get rid of pimples and zits.


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