Moonwater Toner

Moonwater DIY Toner
August 14, 2020
Yes I made a facial spray that works nicely. My moon water toner.
First I would rather have you read my moon water blog to learn how to make and use moon water.


Moonwater Toner or facial spray is ideal for on-the-go hydration. Rose and Glycerine to soothe eyes and face tired due to laptop, mobile or TV screens.

What do you need to make facial Spray
         A. One used up spray bottle. I am using my old Mario Badescu Aloe and Rose Facial Spray bottle.
         B. Two tsp Glycerine
          C. One cup Moonwater
         d. 3-4 drops of Organic Rose oil ( alternatively you can take rose water 3-4 tbsp)



Quantity of glycerine shouldn’t be much , otherwise it will become a bit sticky!!!
How to use:
      1. Combine above ingredients in spray bottle, refrigerate it and shake well before every use.
      2. I use it full day if am working on laptop, mobile, tablet or watching TV to soothe the tired eyes and skin.
      3. It has no oil hence it doesn’t feel sticky , at all.
      4. I apply this fresh and cold spray on my face, head, neck, back of my neck about 4-5 times a day.


Water charged by moon possesses calming effects on skin and gives luminous skin. It is different than sun water and other types of waters.

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