Moon Water

Moon water Bottle
August 3, 2020
What is Moon Water
Moon Water is charged by full moon or supermoon where energy structure of water is changed by moon rays.

How to Prepare:
    1. Keep tap water or RO filtered water in clear glass bottle. Do not use plastic bottled water.
    2. Cove the mouth of the bottle with clear cling film.
    3. Keep the bottles at terrace or balcony area where moonlight is directly falling at 9pm to 4:30am
    4. Remember to pick it up before the sun rise, Sun rays will cancel the effect of moonwater.


You can make moonwater
3 days before and after a full moon

How to use it:
    1. You can drink it – one sip every morning
    2. Make fat water from it by mixing good facial oil like almond oil, drops of rose oil for aroma or lavendar essential oil. Shake it and store it in pump bottle. Apply on face after face wash. If you have oily skin, instead of oils, mix rose water or aloe vera juice to the mon water. See a complete step-by step night routine here.
    3. You can store moonwater in fridge for almost 2-3 weeks.
    4. Use moonwater to make teas, take bath, water the plants, make other beverages, floral hydrosols etc.
    5. Moon Water Toner Is Excellent And Refreshing Treat For Your Face. It Costs Way Less Than The Regular Toners You Get In The Market. (Learn How To Make One At Home Which Is At Par Or Better Than Market Versions)


    1. Moonwater is an ancient technique to get glowing skin
    2. It helps in clearing out any skin problems and other  health problems in general when drunk every morning
    3. It has balancing and healing properties.
    4. It works for all skin types: Oily, Normal, Dry, combination


     By nature this water is cold so if you have flu etc., limit the quantity you intake everyday. You can continue to use it as a facial toner.


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