Prevent and Treat Blackheads

Prevent and Treat Blackheads
May 26, 2019
Prevent and treat blackheads, and stop them from recurring
If our skin is not thoroughly cleaned, it develops white heads. White heads are clogged pores with dirt and oil. They occur especially around nose and butterfly area on cheeks which is around apples of cheeks.
If we neglect White heads, then they become slightly tough to deal with.
when whiteheads get exposed to sun, they turn into black-heads.
Now we know the root-causes for Blackheads: Pollution, Sun and Hygiene.
Steps to prevent and treat blackheads:
  1. Everyday must follow 2-step cleansing routine esp at night so as to ensure skin is absolutely clean- For dry skin (Coconut oil cleanse and Face wash), For oily Skin (Micellar Water occasionally followed by face scrub and Face wash). I only cleanse my face at night because in morning skin has its own glow due to natural oils that skin produces. Only water is required in the morning to cleanse your face which can be done in shower.
  2. Use face scrub before face wash for thorough cleansing. Face scrub allows you to scrape off the dirt from the skin and you can control the pressure you apply and this makes all the impurities melt away. Now the skin is ready for face wash. Hence always follow this order – ,first face scrub then face wash so as to have you skin squeaky clean.
  3. In case white head appears, wear a sunscreen and use face scrub every alternate day in the concerned area and check back the results everyday closely in the mirror in a good light.
  4. You can also try nose strips because they are pretty convenient and cool option. However, they do not guarantee 100% result.
  5. Even after all this, if you get blackheads, Scrub mildly everyday and wear a sunscreen. You need your facialist/aesthetician. Don’t treat them at home. They may turn into other skin problems like redness and scars.
I wish none of us get those blackheads and always have clear glowing skin!!! Keep stylish!!
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