Eye Mask for Sleeping2

Eye mask for Sleeping – Self-love


For tired eyes, eye pillow puts mild pressure when worn on eyes over head.

It has real dried herbs filled in the inner pouch to actually soothe and relax  the tired eyes.

Color – Rose Gold
Ingredients –  Dried Rose Petals, Rose Quartz Crystal pieces, 100% Organic rose Oil

Rose Health Benefits – Soothes skin irritation, Enhances mood,  Relieves Headache

Rose Quartz Benefits – Stone of universe love, Promotes self-love and feeling of peace

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Product Description

Eye mask for Sleeping  designed to relax and calm you and customised to offer more than a sleeping mask like floral fragrance, evoking self care and love, destress, light massage  etc

One Eye Mask, Two Uses –

1. Remove the inner pouch  from the sleeping mask and use it like a normal eye mask, perfect for light blocking,  you can use it anywhere anytime

2.  When you need relaxation therapy just wear the eye mask with inner pouch because it helps with good quality sleep

Remove the inner pouch and wash the eye mask for re-use.

Our eye mask aims to ease the tension in muscles surrounding your orbital bone.

This is not a medicine. Do not remove the ingredients of inner pouch.  Ziplock the eye mask and keep it in  the refrigerator to use it as cold eye mask. Owing to the light weight, it also acts as an eye pillow.


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