Read Ingredient Labels

Read Ingredients Labels
May 31, 2019
Its important to read ingredients labels on your skincare and cosmetics. They contain important information about what goes in the product and if it suits our skin or not
I do read Ingredients Labels and I think we all should read ingredients labels. Plus I have seen a lot of brands they do not share the complete list of their ingredients for your skincare and makeup.  We should never buy from these brands. There may be some Ingredients we are allergic to.

Simple rules – what to read if you are new to the ingredient science:

1. First ingredients listed is highest in percentage in that product followed by other ingredients in the list. The percentage decreases along the ingredients list. If you see Almond oil as last ingredient that means it will hardly be 2-3% if there are 10-12 ingredients.
2. If the ingredient list is too long, it will not deliver targeted results. It is kind of product that is trying to deal with many skin concerns at once. So think about what is your main target or skin issue and then choose accordingly.
3. Look for more natural ingredients like fruits extracts, tea and plant roots etc. Out of the earth products will sound fancy but who knows what they are meant to deliver.
4. Parabens are good if they are in your cleansers or sunscreen or makeup but no in your skincare. Parabens are something that you don want to penetrate in your skin. So our skin has million mites on it at any given time. If they Increase we get an itch. But its normal to have them but Parabens kills off these mites so its only good for something that doesn’t stay longer on your skin like I said cleansers, sunscreen or makeup products.
5. Dimethicone forms a smooth layer so products containing dimethicone will boast this smooth finish etc. I personally avoid this ingredient.
6. SLS or SLES are lather forming compounds and help in cleansing. So they shouldn’t be part of your skincare, makeup, sunscreen or hair sprays.
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