Secret of Baby face is in Collarbone

baby face secret in collarbone
October 24, 2020
Yes, you are reading it right here.
I would start by telling how our brain controls every little movement, function of our body. Because of  how close our face is  to our brain, it is one of the main reason to make us appear dull, tired and old. Every neuro-transmitter that reaches our brain goes through our face. Face has channels of nerves and muscles which are closely connected to each part of our brain.
So our face is very important.  Our face holds tension, stress, muscles, nerves, lymph and sebum besides everything else. Our neck, on the other hand, has all the lymphatic channels ending into our collarbone  that is the release point for lymphatic fluid. Release action is called wriggle here in this post. Lymphatic fluid gets accumulated on face making it look asymmetrical, face looks large, puffy, tired and old.


Secret of baby face is in collarbone. I learnt this after following Japanese face yoga practices.
I would be calling the middle of the collarbone as “Collarbone Button” and bottom back of the ear as “Deep Valley” in this post.
We need to massage our collarbone in 4 ways:


  1. Make a fist with fingers keeping  thumb out. Use index and middle finger socket to massage sides of the neck in downward motion toward collarbone and wriggle. With same fingers press the both sides of the collarbone and start from outward till collarbone button and wriggle.
  2. In deep valley right behind our ears, put your index and middle fingers and press it 3 times  and wriggle. This also releases the tension held in shoulders.
  3. Face your palms towards your chest start with your arm hole and press firmly and move towards middle of collarbone. Use only fingers and keep thumbs folded in. (4 presses in one cycle from arm hole to collarbone button)
  4. Use your palms, keep them on collarbone button. Press it and start moving with gentle strokes down toward your décolletage.  (6-8 strokes)


Do this for 2 minutes everyday so as to allow lymphatic drainage. This in turn will make the face appear younger.
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