Slow Fashion is Future

Slow Fashion
March 19, 2019
Slow Fashion is Future for new age consumers.


Garment & Textile industry is the Second biggest consumer of water. Due to which fashion industry generates around 20% of world’s waste water.


Fast fashion and synthetic fabrics are Responsible for microfibers.
Nearly half a million ton of microfibers gets released
into ocean every year.
there is massive human impact on the environment and society. UN Environment has an Alliance for Sustainable Fashion so as to reduce the impact of fashion on exploiting the environment. UN alliance brings local artisans and weaves to front-end designers so as to generate demand. Because this will help restore the world ecosystem.
Sustainable Fashion is a way to make clothes in an eco-friendly & socially responsible way. Choosing bio-degradable fabrics, paying good wages to workers, dumping waste responsibly. these days customers are aware because they demand the product information upfront.
  • use natural fibres so as to reduce the environment pollution.
  • Invest in garments made by local artisans and rural workers.
  • don’t fall prey to fast trends.
  • focus on quality of fabric and investment pieces.


Fact: It takes about 1,800 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans. and 400 gallons of water  to produce a T-shirt.


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