Treat Open Pores

Treat Open pores
November 22, 2019

Open pores

What are Open Pores and how to treat open pores:
For large facial pores also referred to a Open pores has many reasons to not act normal –
1.  Pores basically are an opening for hair follicles. Sweat and sebum (oil) travel from within layers of skin via these pores. Some people might have thick facial hair, that can also be a reason that they have larger pores.
2.   Whatever oily and spicy food we eat, our body absorbs nutrition from it and after that tries to secrete the excess oil out. So its better to always eat clean, raw, fresh food.
3.   Don’t worry too much, it can be heredity in some people. So blame it on your genes. But its treatable to an extent.
4.   Acne can also cause pores to open more. So clear up acne (yes you can), and get rid of open pores.
5.   With ageing, the collagen production in skin reduces. Hence the skin surrounding the pores looses its elasticity.
How to treat Open Pores:
1.    Do not rub, pull, tug, pick at your skin.
2.    Do not eat spicy and greasy food. Treat your blackheads regularly.
3.   Double cleansing is required to deep skin clean
4.   Use toners which has rose water (tightening agent), Chamomile (calming agent for acne prone skin)
5.   For acne related open pores, use salicylic acid, which gives deep cleansing to pores and helps to reduce their size.
6.   Start using retinol products to help with skin elasticity.
Retinol products Do not go well with vitamic c products
7. For acne or blemished skin, You can use products containing niacinamide but don’t mix it with other antioxidants such as vitamin C etc.
8. For dry and clear skin, start using hydrators such as argan oil and vitamin C for collagen production followed by a moisturizer. For any more queries, pls write to us – support@ektasachdeva.com
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