Who we are

Ekta Sachdeva, the brand brings a sartorial equality to women. We are an Indian brand that deeply integrates its ideas into how fabric, layering and comfort coalesces with each other.  USP of the brand is based on the unique feeling of freedom you get each time you wear one of our creations. We everyday strive to make women feel strong, powerful, comfortable and equal.

We source ethically all our materials from local communities. Our fabrics are chosen to make you feel like a very fashion-forward person. Meticulous designing brings the highlight on your personality making you stand apart in any crowd for a style statement.

Each piece in our collection is uniquely crafted and justifies the choice a modern- ambitious woman makes for a fashionable wardrobe upgrade.

Ekta, our founder, has a keen sense of style and an expert eye for international trends that translates in the most functional and beautiful garments she designs for the brand. Her painstaking attention to detail is what makes her designs noticeable.

Our brand is made from the perspective of a wearer and key elements in designing focus on the comfort of the wearer and natural body movements. All our clothes have unique soft fabric that makes up the inner layers in all our garments allowing you to breathe easily and move gracefully. Even a tight mini dress would only hug you softly and won’t clutch you tight.¬† Comfort first. Style forever.